Marketing Elements in the Field of Legal Services


  • G.G. Manea Transilvania University of Brasov, Romania
  • B. Tescasiu Transilvania University of Brasov, Romania



inbound, outbound, marketing, personal brand


As a result of the increase in the number of lawyers, the need arose for them to become as well-known as possible in the market, both with the aim of attracting new clients and retaining the loyalty of existing clients. The manner in which lawyers can make themselves known has raised a number of problems as a result of legislative barriers restricting their rights in this regard. By conducting research, the authors tried to identify the ways in which lawyers can make their services known without violating the legal provisions. By bringing into discussion the specific aspects regarding the methods used in order to promote, the article makes not only a theoretical contribution but also a practical one, as it represents a valid opinion that could be used by the academic environment or other lawyers. The research aimed to answer the following questions: What are the main elements of Marketing that can be used by lawyers?; How can lawyers use the elements of Marketing? The results of the research revealed a series of interesting conclusions - namely the fact that there are ways in which lawyers can promote their services online, apart from the classic professional website, without prejudice to the legal provisions.