The Potency of Avocado Seeds (”Persea Americana” Mill.) as a Source of Antioxidant Tea


  • C. Anwar Politeknik Indonesia Venezuela, Indonesia
  • I. Irhami Politeknik Indonesia Venezuela, Indonesia
  • I.R. Aprita Politeknik Indonesia Venezuela, Indonesia



antioxidants, avocado seeds, organic waste, phenols, tea


The processing of avocado into avocado juice will produce organic waste, namely avocado skin, and seeds. This potential of organic waste from avocado seeds can be exploited by turning them into tea products. This study employed avocado seed as a source of antioxidants which was made into processed products, namely tea. This research was intended to discover the influence of temperature with avocado seeds on antioxidants as well as the quality of resulting tea products and to determine the best conditions for the drying process of avocado seed tea. This investigation was arranged at the Integrated Lab of Politeknik Indonesia Venezuela and the Laboratory of Banda Aceh Industrial Research and Standardization Center. The experimentation adopted a factorial completely randomized design pattern composed of 2 (two) parameters. The first parameter was avocado seed drying temperature comprising 3 (three) degrees, they were S1 (50°C), S2 (60°C), and S3 (70°C). The second parameter represented the drying time of avocado seeds which comprised 3 (three) degrees, they were L1 (2 hours), L2 (2.5 hours), and L3 (3 hours). Analysis carried out in the research was water, ash value, phenolic content, antioxidant, and sensory (colour, taste, and flavour). From the research, it was shown that the drying temperature was influenced by the moisture content, ash content, and antioxidant activity of avocado seed tea, while the drying time and the treatments of those parameters made an impact on total phenol. The best quality avocado seed tea was obtained from a drying temperature of 50°C along with a length of drying of 2 hours.

Author Biographies

C. Anwar, Politeknik Indonesia Venezuela, Indonesia

Department of Livestock Product Technology, Aceh Besar 23372

I. Irhami, Politeknik Indonesia Venezuela, Indonesia

Department of Agro-Industry, Aceh Besar 23372

I.R. Aprita, Politeknik Indonesia Venezuela, Indonesia

Department of Livestock Product Technology, Aceh Besar 23372