Specific Means and Methods of Knowledge Management Considered within Romanian Military Units





knowledge management, knowledge creation, traditional managerial method, group cohesion, managerial challenges


Knowledge management (KM) is unquestionably one of the most promoted branches of scientific management. As the term itself suggests, this particular administrative model directs attention toward knowledge, understood as one of the most important resources within an organization. The main objectives of the current article are to discuss and analyze some of the most frequently proposed managerial means and methods of surpassing certain difficulties within military organizations from the region of Oltenia. The paper was conducted with the aim of evaluating the traditional techniques used to facilitate the implementation of KM within such organizations. The assessment was carried out based on the answers given to a specific questionnaire, which was addressed to the current or former workers of the military units within the counties of Dolj, Gorj, Olt, Vâlcea, and Mehedinți. The outcomes of the research suggest that one of the most efficient managerial techniques used in order to increase group cohesion and, thus, organizational productivity, is organizing teambuilding activities. Other managerial methods that a knowledge-based administrative model encourages are organizing constant informal group meetings or promoting post-factum analysis as a common manner of evaluating any experience. The conclusions revealed some quite strong connections established between the degree of success underlying a managerial model built on knowledge as the main resource and the proposed peculiar techniques used with the aim of improving the organizational goals and results.