Augmented Reality and Facial Recognition Technologies. Building Bridges between the Hospitality Industry and Tourists During Pandemic


  • Ioana Simona Ivasciuc Transilvania University of Brasov, Romania



hospitality, augmented reality, facial recognition technology, COVID-19, online social network


The huge crisis that the world is facing today, COVID-19 pandemic, reshaped the business-as-usual way of working and planning. The purpose of this research is to identify how emerging new technologies, such as augmented reality and facial recognition, used in AR Media application (FutureSocialWeb Project) can contribute to increasing the competitiveness of tourism companies in the context of COVID. Secondary research methodology was adopted while data were collected through a comprehensive literature review. This review utilized journals, newspaper articles, United Nations World Tourism Organization statistics, up-to-date governmental data, and website materials on COVID-19 impact over-tourism industry. In addition, we used a literature review concerning augmented reality and facial recognition technologies to emphasize that the future of tourism around the world is already highly dependent on how we forward innovation in the industry. Further on, the article stresses several development opportunities for the AR Media FutureWeb application, to better respond to hospitality industry digitization needs. The results of the study were also approached from a managerial point of view.