Digitalization –Technology is Transforming the Beautiful Football


  • G.M. Manolache "Dunarea de Jos" University of Galati, Romania
  • C. Ozman Nisantasi University Istanbul, Turkey



decision-making, goals, penalty decisions, technology in football


Football is a sport that demands a high level of technical-tactical training but at the same time a higher level of physical training. Always needs to record and objectify your game strategy, the technology of VAR implementation also helps to know these technical-tactical parameters, physical even in real-time. The purpose of this study was to define which elements of the game-penalty, red cards, identifying mistakes; goals are the most important in football, and to define the final result and the influence of VAR technology in the objectivity of decisions made by referees. Based on the results of major international competitions, a program for the implementation of technology in the strong world championships was designed, and hence the conclusion that this technology must be promoted and implemented in Romania. The results showed that there was a significant difference in performance before and after the implementation of VAR in major competitions. In conclusion, the performance of the technical-tactical, physical and strategic skills of basic football games have improved after all in the world where it has joined the VAR technology.