An Authentic Example of Ottoman-Era Wooden Summerhouses; Cemil Topuzlu Kiosk


  • Alev Erarslan Istanbul Aydın University, İstanbul,Turkey



Ottoman Westernization Period, Late Ottoman Houses, Wooden Summerhouses, Cemil Topuzlu Kiosk


The beginning of the 18th century is known as the “Westernization Period” in Ottoman architecture. It was in this period that Western-born architectural movements found their way into the Ottoman Empire. This was also a time in which new types of structures emerged in Ottoman architecture as the Western influence continued to permeate both religious and civil architecture. This impact also affected the Ottoman culture of housing, leading to important changes in residential structures. The new cultural elements arriving from the West began to be apparent in the plans, facades, interiors, and decorative components of the homes of the affluent, most of which were built by Western architects. This was a time in which lifestyles were changing, and especially in the capital of Istanbul, a rich assortment of residential architecture was expressed in styles that included the Neo-Baroque, Neo-Gothic, Orientalism, Art Nouveau, Eclecticism, Swiss Châlet, and Late Victorian. One of the new types of structures that appeared in this period was the summerhouse. While these houses belonged to the wealthy Ottoman elite and reflected the traditional Ottoman residential fabric in their plans and styles, a large number carried the architectural characteristics of the summerhouses and mansions of the West. The aim of this article is to describe an authentic example of the group of wooden summerhouses that were outstanding products of Ottoman residential architecture in the 19th century, at a time when the Empire’s cultural norms were turning toward the West. The characteristics of the plans of these buildings, the configuration of their facades and decorative elements will be presented, as will other information on the wooden summerhouses of the period.

Author Biography

Alev Erarslan, Istanbul Aydın University, İstanbul,Turkey

Faculty of Architecture and Design, Besyol, İnönü Cad, no. 38, 34295 postal code, Kucukcekmece