Variation in Moisture Content and Density Whitin and Among Freshly Felled Sclerocarya birrea and Anogeissus leiocarpus


  • F.A.A.A. Younis University of Sopron, Hungary
  • R. Nemeth University of Gezira, Sudan



moisture content, freshly felled, weight, variation


This papaer studiess the variations in moisture content within and among tree species of Sclerocarya birrea and Anogeissus leiocarpus, as well as the green density of a cubic meter of freshly felled wood from this species. The trees included in this research grew in Western Kordofan State, Sudan. Following their felling, tiny square samples of varying sizes (n=10) were gathered and weighed from each vertical position within the bole length (10, 50, and 90%). The results show that the average MC and the green density of the freshly felled wood were 109.97% and 686 kg/m3 for S. birrea, while the values of A. leiocarpus were 35.55% and 980 kg/m3, respectively. Furthermore, the findings of the analysis of variance revealed that the MC [%] varied significantly only between the tree species. Conversely, there was no significant difference in MC [%] within the vertical positions of the bole length for either species.

Author Biographies

F.A.A.A. Younis, University of Sopron, Hungary

Institute of Wood Technology and Technical Sciences, Faculty of Wood Engineering and Creative Industries 

R. Nemeth, University of Gezira, Sudan

Department of Wood Sciences and Technology, Faculty of Forest Sciences and
Technology, Al Gezira, Wad Madani