The Personality of the Conductor, Teacher, Composer and Jury Gavriil Mu


  • Costel-Mirel Nechia Transilvania University of Brasov, Romania



liturgical worship, choir, conductor, coral music


Religious music and secular music in Moldova, and especially in Iasi, have a history that fully deserves to be known and analyzed. After its construction, the Metropolitan Cathedral of Iași became the sacred place suitable both for the conduct of Orthodox liturgical worship, in general, and the favorable space for the manifestation and evolution of psaltic church music, of the Byzantine tradition, as well as choral music, introduced in our country, in religious worship, especially through the Russian sector. In the course of time, conductors, protopsalti and composers of both notations contributed to the beautification of religious services and to the enrichment of the psaltic and choral repertoire, through exceptional compositions. Among them all, Gavriil Musicescu shone the most, a complex personality, especially in the musical field. The history of the choir of the Cathedral of Iaşi is closely related to its name and the context of the beginning of the organization of choral music in Moldova, since the early years of the 19th century.

Author Biography

Costel-Mirel Nechia, Transilvania University of Brasov, Romania

Ph.D. Candidate 
Conf. Univ. Dr. of the Faculty of Orthodox Theology in Alba Iulia, Romania,