Convergent and Divergent Legal Trends in Addressing the CORONAVIRUS Pandemic at the EU Level


  • Angela S. Ivan "Dunarea de jos" University of Galati, Romania



Pandemic crisis, divergent views, the convergence of decisions, individual rights, European Union


The greatest humanitarian crisis of the 21st century, triggered by the pandemic emergence and spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus, has caused all European Union States to identify and apply rapid solutions to limit and stop this humanitarian disaster. The ways approached by each Member State in achieving this desideratum were different depending on the potential of assistance and endowment of the hospitals but also on the legal and legislative measures applied. The different percentages of the level of vaccination of the population that vary from state to state show how important is the unitary approach of information measures, strategic organization but also the convergent legislative correlation at the European Union level in stopping this scourge. The percentage of vaccination has proved to be closely linked to saving lives, a conclusion which leads to the need to address a convergent strategy across EU Member States on the measures needed to achieve the highest possible percentage of vaccination at the level of all EU Member States to stop this virus and return to normality.

Author Biography

Angela S. Ivan, "Dunarea de jos" University of Galati, Romania

Associate Professor Ph.D. Eng.