A Green methods for extraction of inulin and antioxidants from Carlina acanthifolia L. roots – a comparative study

Inulin and antioxidants from Carlina acanthifolia L. roots


  • Nadezhda Petkova Assoc. Prof.
  • Emine Saralieva
  • Ivan Ivanov
  • Dasha Mihaylova
  • Anna Lante


: antioxidant activity, Carlina acanthifolia, inulin, pressure liquid extraction, ultrasound-assisted extraction


Green extraction methods present prespective approach for isolation of bioacticve molecules. Together with an ecofriendly approach for extraction there are many undervalued plants rich of source of prebiotics and phenolic compounds. Carlina acanthifolia L. roots possessed antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, anti-ulcer properties due to the diverse bioactive compounds in them. The detailed information about inulin-type fructan in its roots is still absent. The object of this work was to define inulin, sugars and phenolic content, the antioxidant activity in water and 70 % ethanol extracts resulted from ultrasound-assisted extraction (UAE) and pressure-liquid extraction (PLE). The results showed that the total fructans reached 12.6±0.2 g/100 g dw.  Inulin was found  in water extracts (6.82 g/100 g dw) in the prevalence of the ultrasound-assisted extracts. Total phenolic content did to not exceed 15.25 mg GAE/g dw. Additionally, the antioxidant activities was in the range from 5.99 to 205.83 μM TE/g dw. In conclusion, water extracts from UAE demonstrated higher levels of bioactive compounds with antioxidantive properties, probably due to cavitation process. However,  this study  is the first detailed investigation for fructans and polyphenols content, as well as antioxidant activity of Carlina acanthifolia L. roots in extracts obtained by green methods. Therefore, this research enriched the information of bioactive compounds in Carlina acanthifolia L. roots.