The collection of minerals, rocks and soils


The collection of minerals, rocks and soils consists of approximately 100 samples of various minerals, 100 rock samples and 50 soil samples collected from all over Romania, since 1950 so far.

The collection has been constituted through the active participation of both staff and students from the Faculty of Silviculture and Forest Engineering from Braşov with the remarkable contribution of Prof. Dr. C. Păunescu, Prof. Dr. Gh. I. Mihai, Prof. Dr. Dumitru Târziu, Prof. Dr. Gh. Spârchez.

 Some collection items can be considered representative due to the special aesthetic qualities of several crystal clusters among which quartz (SiO2), baritone (BaSO4), calcite (CaCO3), green fluorite (CaF2) etc. as well as uncut precious and semi-precious stones such as amethyst or garnet. Among the mineral samples which are part of the collection, we mention pyrite (FeS2), witherite (BaCO3), stibine (SbS3), rhodonite (Mn, Fe, Ca) [SiO3] etc.

 Rocks are also represented by numerous species of samples such as, granite, basalt, white marble, pegmatite granite, mica schist, andesite etc.

 The samples which form the soil collection are representative for all types of soils from the plains hills and mountains.

From the first category, we mention here chernozem and argic chernozem, among hill soils – albic luvosoil, typical luvosoil and eutricambosoil and from mountain soils – prepodsoil and districambosoil.


Figure 7.


(collection of minerals)

Figure 8.


(collection of  rocks)


Figure 9.

Hill soils:

Eutricambosoil, typical luvosoil, albic luvosoil (from left to right)

Experts claim that these types of exhibits do not require special conditions of preservation, consequently they are in a good condition. The exhibits are kept in vertical or horizontal glass and wooden cases.