Collection of old, rare and bibliophilic book


The collection of old, rare and bibliophilic book existing in the Library of “Transilvania” University from Braşov contains more than 800 volumes in the field of silviculture. The books, which approach specific subjects, such as: botany, forest engineering, forest economics, forest legislation, wood engineering, wood constructions etc., are included in OPAC and in the online old-book catalogue. Printed during the period 1801-1931, on the territory of our country at Bucharest, Craiova or Caracal, or in important typographical centres abroad (Vienna, Leipzig, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Paris, Nancy, Budapest etc.), some of these books were issued at prestigious publishing houses, which continue their activity even nowadays, whereof Verlag von Eugen Ulmer (Stuttgart), Verlag von Paul Parey (Berlin), Verlag von Julius Springer (Berlin), J.D. Sauerländer’s Verlag (Frankfurt am Main). In terms of the linguistic palette of their printing, the collection gathers publications in German, French, Hungarian, Latin and Romanian, with Latin or Gothic alphabet. As regards the documentary typology, in this collection, technical and scientific books, textbooks, treaties, reference works (encyclopaedias, dictionaries), therefore intended both for research and for didactic activity may be found in this collection.


Manualulu de botanica silvica: in usulu eleviloru de la scola de  silvicultura si pentru forestieri  practici  (Bucuresci, 1861)


Beytrag zur bewirtschaftung buchener holzwaldungen (Gottingen,  1801)


Lehrbuch fur Forster und die es Werden Wollen(Wien,1809)


Memoire sur l'alternance des essences forestieres, presente a l'Academie des Sciences (Paris 1840)