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B.19938 SARAUW, G

Beytrag zur bewirtschaftung buchener holzwaldungen / G. SARAUW . - Gottingen : Bey Phillip Georg Schrober, 1801 . - 136 p. ; 17cm

Scriere gotica in limba germana



The author exposes the situation of the deciduous forests, especially beech, on the territory of several German regions.

In particular, in Hannover area, Calenberg and Lauenstein region, the situation is presented as regards the mode of exploitation, transport; the protection of the seeds and seedlings against grazing; and measures are recommended to rationalize wood exploitation.

Particular attention is paid to administering the tree seeds in the soil, which highly depends on the forester’s experience. He must decide in favour or against the opportunity of deploying various activities (grazing, underwood deforestation, grass mowing) and must coordinate these activities.

In the last part, the author makes a critical comparison, showing the difference between the methods he submitted and the methods presented in another similar treaty (Manual forestier) (Forestry Textbook) by author von Burgdorf.